Scorptec – Australia’s leading computer solutions provider

Scorptec (formally known as Scorpion Technologies) was established in 1998 as a leading provider of computers and computer accessories as well as networking accessories, tablets, 3D cards and desktop computers as well. It has 4 locations in Melbourne and one location in Sydney but delivers nationwide. Samsung, Seagate, Intel, AMD, Microsoft, Epson and Lenovo along with a host of many others are among its partners hence its strong reputation. Avail exclusive Scorptec discount code only at SuperSaverMama and save big.

I’ve been working at my family owned freelance business of designers and game editors, working with a wide array of clientele across the globe. We have the best computers, tablets, laptops and other accessories and such helps us test the games as well. My expertise earned through a career with Australian offices of Electronic Arts and Acclaim studios has helped my family’s freelance business to a great extent. However, the issue arises when a system or a device breaks down, and a high-quality device means high-quality price.

Thankfully, business owners are given vouchers: because we buy things in packs and bundles because of our needs. We even need repairs on discount as well and for such, they have promo codes which help me avail critical reductions in prices as well as availing the newest piece of technology at the best rates. These are some of the best things Scorptech has provided us, and it provides the same to normal consumers as well.

Scorptech has never failed us, and they have always provided everyone the best computers, accessories, parts, network cables, routers, gamepads, laptops, cooling pads, and tablets. Their service staff is among the most competent and friendly: they never say ‘No’ to your requests and have even fixed systems at the comfort of our home and do the same for businesses, and only take systems to their office if there is something that cannot be fixed immediately.

I am thankful to Scorptech for providing me with the best they have to offer and they have never failed me. They have in fact never failed any of their customers, whether existing or new and continuing to do so each passing day. I would recommend that you can consider Scorptech for your computing needs whenever they arise.




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