Pancakes affair with Menulog

Pancakes affair with Menu log

Pancakes are one of the most influential breakfast dish around the world. You will find a pancake lover in every corner be their taste be of savory or sweet pancakes are tagged as one of the most desired and comfort food of all times. We enjoy our pancakes with nutshell and honey and have been eating it this way since long time. I once wanted to try savory pancakes. My friends told me about Menulog promo codes and how their service had never disappointed anybody who used it. More info at supersavermama can help you in taking right decisions where your food is involved.

One morning I had invited over my group of friends and was confident that instead of ordering from Menulog, making savory pancakes would be easy and I could do it without any hassle. I was underestimating the complexity of the savory pancakes.

I started off by adding the eggs in bowl full of flours and then added warm milk and baking powder with an ample amount of salt to make it savory. I also added cayenne pepper in it to bring in a little spice to the pancakes. My friends were due to reach my place by 10 am and I had two hours to get this challenge done. I started pouring the batter of pancakes one after the other and while I was going through my second last batch of pancake I thought hey why don’t I taste it to see how it really tastes.

And that was it, one taste of my home pancakes made me feel sick. The salt had been too much and the cayenne pepper had worsened the taste of the pancakes. I was in a big trouble and I started fretting. My friends were due in an hour and I did not have another batch of flour mixture to continue further with my pancakes.

I called up my aunt who is an avid follower of Menulog. She had some Menulog discount codes and told me to contact Menulog at once and try making them feel the urgency of the situation. I went to the Menulog online store ordered the savory pancakes. I instantly got discount to try other flavor of pancakes. I than bravely chose potato flavored pancakes and strawberry flavored pancakes.

The Menulog team confirmed my order and gave me twenty minute for the urgent delivery. My order came to me in twenty minutes with my hot sweet and savory pancakes ready to eat. I was happy that I had been saved from huge embarrassment by the help of Menulog.

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